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Date:2018-11-30 15:46

Chemical Name:4,1', 6', -trichloro-4, 1', 6' trideoxy- Pentagalactosucrose
Molecular Formula:C12H19CI3 O8
Molecular Weight:397.64
Appearance:White powder
Structural Formula:

1、Unisweet Sucralose is 600-650 times sweeter than sugar and 3 times sweeter than Aspartame.
2、Fine taste. Unisweet Sucralose tastes almost the same as Sugar.
3、High safety. Unisweet Sucralose has been proved totally safe to human body.
4、High stability. Unisweet Sucralose is resistant to acid and high temperature, and suitable for all kinds of foods including health-care foods and medicine.
5、High solubility. Unisweet Sucralose is readily soluble in water. 
6、Health-care function. The caloric and energy value of Unisweet Sucralose is zero. It will not be absorbed by human body and cause decayed teeth. It is suitable to all populations including patients suffering diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases.

At present, sucralose has been widely used in beverage, food and other industries. Since the calorific value of sucralose is zero and there is no nutrition, it is an ideal sweet substitute for patients with obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Therefore, it is more and more widely used in health foods and medicine products.

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