Food additives.
Application Dosage
Application Dosage
Fruit flavor drink; Pickle; multiple seasoning; imitation wine; ice cream; frozen sucker; cake; biscuit; bread; sugar-free sweety fruit can 0.25 Fruits after heat procession or dehydrate fruits. 0.15
Table sweetener 0.05g per bag
Chewing gum;confection 1.50 Fruit pie 0.25
Drinks 0.25 Fruit sauce 0.45
Solid drink; condensed fruit and vegetable juice; salad jam 1.25 Jelly 0.45
Mustard sauce 0.40 Seasoning milk 0.30
Breakfast cereal; sweet milk powder 1.00 Sauce and other sauce products 0.25
Candy 1.50 Vinegar 0.25
Flavor or fruit yogurt 0.30 Oyster sauce 0.25
Bee wine 0.65 Soy sauce 0.25

Widely used in beverages, such as cola, fruit and vegetable juice, seasoning milk.
Seasoning such as sauce, mustard sauce, fruit sauce, salad sauce, soy sauce, vinegar, oyster sauce.
Baking foods such as bread, cakes, sandwich, pisa, fruit pie.
Breakfast cereals, soy-milk powder, sweet milk powder.
Chewing gum, syrup, confection, preserved fruits, dehydrate fruits.
also used in pharmaceutical and health care products.